Monday, July 20, 2009


SweetPerfection is a high fiber sweetener (oligofructose) made by Low Carb Specialties. It is made from chicory and mung beans. In 1 cup there are 127 g carbohydrate with 122 g fiber.

When I first started using this product I wrote to the company as I'd heard that other forms of oligofructose was highly processed. At the time I wrote to the company and the response was that the product was made from dried and grated chicory and mung beans (less than 1%). Unfortunately, I can't locate the email they sent me, but have located another email from the Drs Eades related to the use of oligofructose as a sweetener. Here is their response:

"We can't say we've done a ton of research on it [oligofructose], because we haven't. However, the proof of the sweetener is in the results; if you feel good, don't suffer untoward GI side effects, continue to make progress toward weight or health goals while using a product, who could argue with using it?"
Also included in the response was a link to an article explaining inulin and oligofructose from The Journal of Nutrition.

SweetPerfection is not inexpensive! From the Low Carb Specialties website it is $41.95 for a 2 pound jar with free shipping. On it is priced at $18.95 for a 1 pound bag and shipping depends on total order.

SweetPerfection has the consistency and taste of powdered sugar and has no apparent after-taste. I've had several friends taste it and none could tell it was an "artificial sweetener"! I even made a cheesecake once for my daughter and she still raves about how good it was....and was shocked to find that there was no "sugar" in it!